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Tennessee Minimum Vehicle Insurance Requirements

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need in Tennessee?

If you have recently moved to Tennessee or recently became a licensed Tennessee driver, you might be asking yourself, “How much car insurance do I need in Tennessee?” This guide from Auto Simple, a local buy here pay here dealership in Chattanooga, will break down how much car insurance you’ll need to keep yourself covered in Tennessee.

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Tennessee Car Insurance Requirements

The state of Tennessee is considered a “fault” car accident state, meaning that whoever is at fault for causing the accident is the one responsible for any harm caused in the accident. Individuals who are harmed or have any property damage as a result of an accident in Tennesse have three options for proceeding after the accident – file a claim with their own insurance company, file a third-party claim with the insurance company of the at-fault driver, or file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver in a civil court case.

Minimum Tennessee Vehicle Insurance

Bodily Injury Liability per injury or death – $25,000

Bodily Injury Liability per accident – $50,000

Property Damage Liability per accident – $15,000

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Why Do I Need Vehicle Insurance?

It is critical that Tennessee drivers are insured enough to meet the state minimum. Liability insurance coverage helps to pay medical and property damage bills as well as any other costs of individuals who are injured in an accident you are at fault for. Your insurance will cover payments up to your coverage limits and you can always carry more coverage to cover higher costs. Liability insurance coverage does not cover your own vehicle damages or injuries after a car accident. This means you’ll need to have additional insurance to cover your own losses in case the at-fault driver’s insurance does not cover or apply to your losses.

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Carrying proper car insurance is critical to keeping you covered in the event of an accident. If you’re looking to get behind the wheel of your next vehicle, head over to our online inventory. With our low prices and easy financial process, Auto Simple is your one-stop-shop for finding an affordable vehicle.