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Rising Insurance Rate? This Could Be Why

Why Did My Car Insurance Go Up?

Have you recently received a car insurance bill in the mail and noticed your monthly rate has increased? You may be wondering what exactly made your car insurance go up. Continue reading to find out which common reason may have played a role in your rising insurance rate.

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Common Reasons Your Car Insurance Increases

Tickets, Accidents, Citations: One of the most common reasons your insurance rates will rise is if you’ve been ticketed or received a citation. The severity of your ticket will play a role in how affected your insurance rate is as well as how many tickets you’ve received in the last few years. Additionally, if you file an accident claim then your insurance company is sure to raise your rate, even if the accident isn’t your fault. For minor accidents, it is sometimes beneficial to pay for the damage out of pocket instead of filing a claim to save you money in the long run.

Risk Factors: As demographics change in the area you live in your insurance rates can also change. If the number of uninsured drivers in your area increases or if there is a high rate of local crime, your insurance company might hike up your rates. Areas that are deemed as being high-risk areas will lead to higher insurance rates for those living in the area. Additionally, if your area is prone to severe or extreme weather, your insurance rates may take a hit.

Changes in Credit Score: Depending on the state you live in your insurance company may use a low credit score as a factor in raising your rate. If your credit score has gone down recently you may notice an increase in your insurance rate. A few states throughout the U.S. have put bans in place to outlaw this practice.

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If you’ve noticed an increase in your insurance rate recently, one of these common reasons may be to blame. At Auto Simple we offer our customers programs like the Customer Confidence Program to get you the best deals on every vehicle purchase. See how our team can save you money on your next vehicle purchase when you shop at Auto Simple.