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Is No Money Down Really A Good Deal When Buying a Car?

Car buying is a complicated process that takes a good amount of preparation. Not many people just stroll onto a car lot without doing some research, you want to look into things beforehand and make sure you have enough info. All of that prep work is even more important when you have bad or little credit.

Cars are basically a necessity these days though so no matter your credit you need to get yourself a car. Dealerships know this and some offer some seemingly incredible deals to help get you into a car. Zero percent APR or no money down seem like miracles if you are tight on money and need a car, but are they as good as they seem?

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Those deals and promotions seem like an oasis in the desert when you’re car shopping. Tight budgets can limit your options so something like no money down can seem freeing. Is it really though? It might get you off the lot in a car, but what are the concerns when you buy your car with no money down? Cars depreciate fast and high-interest rates can add up fast. It doesn’t take too long to suddenly be owning more on your car than you paid for it.

Putting some money down on a car can help mitigate what you pay in the long run. While interest rates might still be high if you have bad credit, putting some money down helps keep things more manageable. When car shopping it’s important to keep the long-term finances in mind, interest rates, monthly payments, etc., all of that goes into your process and a good amount of money down can keep everything else within a reasonable range for your budget.

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