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rear view of a truck towing

Are Used Trucks Able to Tow and Haul as Much as New Trucks?

How Capable are Used Trucks Compared to New Trucks?

Trucks are a popular mode of transportation amongst much of the population. They are a useful vehicle that is always ready to haul or tow your next large purchase. Or is it? In this blog we will be exploring how used trucks compare to new trucks when it comes to towing and hauling. If you are a truck driver, stick around and test your knowledge of trucks.

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a truck towing motorcycles

Understanding Payload and Towing in Your Pickup Truck

What is the Difference Between Payload and Towing?

While shopping for vehicles, especially trucks, a major point to consider is the towing capability and capacity of your vehicle of interest. But there are many terms, like towing and payload, that seem to overlap in meaning and it can start to get confusing. So, you may be wondering – what is the difference between payload and towing? This guide from Auto Simple is going to break down these common vehicle terms to help you understand payload and towing in your pickup truck.

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