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close up of a chipped windshield

Step-By-Step Guide to Fixing a Chipped Windshield

How Do I Fix My Car’s Chipped Windshield?

So, you’re driving down the road when suddenly a small rock hits your windshield and leaves a chip. Before you panic about having to spend a lot of money on a new windshield, we are here to tell you that you can fix this yourself. If the chip is smaller than a quarter, you can fix it yourself with a windshield repair kit. Today, we will be taking you through the steps it takes to fix your car’s chipped windshield. Keep reading to start learning!

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Under the hood of a red car

Avoid One of the Costliest Car Repairs with this Transmission Check Video

Watch Now: Check Your Transmission Like a Pro

Automotive maintenance and service isn’t cheap – even the routine tasks such as changing your oil and rotating your tires require more than a few dollars. But one of the most expensive automotive repairs is replacing your transmission. When facing this task, many actually decide to just purchase a different vehicle and put the old one out to pasture – in which case, we should remind everyone that we buy any and all cars here at Auto Simple in Chattanooga, TN. But avoiding costly transmission maintenance can be done as long as you make sure to keep an eye on things. And that leads us to our main question – how do you keep an eye on your transmission? Well, we’re going to figure that out right here with help from this how-to video.

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black car front

Online Car-Buying Tools in Chattanooga, TN

What Tools are Available to Find the Right Used Car?

Buying a new car is a happy moment for everyone. At the same time, it is an equally stressful job. Finding the right used car that is within your budget and meets all your requirements is a grueling task.

If you are a newbie car buyer, you must be wondering “what tools are available to help me find the right used car.”

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close up of car suspension

Keep An Eye On Your Car’s Shocks and Suspension with Help From this How-To Video

How-To: Checking Your Car’s Suspension and Shocks

Most people know the basics of keeping their cars, trucks and SUVs in good running condition – meaning they know to regularly change their oil, rotate their tires, and keep an eye on all of the other routine automotive maintenance needs their vehicle requires. But cars, trucks and SUVs feature a lot of complex mechanisms, and it’s hard to know what to do to keep an eye on those. And that’s where how-to videos like the one we’re sharing here come into play. In fact, in this how-to video, we’re going to show you how to check your car’s suspension and shocks to ensure your vehicle’s undercarriage is in prime condition.

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hand checking fluid levels under hood of car

How Do I Make Sure All My Car’s Fluids Are at the Appropriate Levels?

How-To: Checking Your Car’s Fluid Levels

There are a lot of service and maintenance activities you need to take care of to ensure your car is running at an optimal level. Some of these service and maintenance activities need to be taken care of by a service professional, but others can easily be handled by yourself right in your own home – well, your own garage in this case. And one of those service and maintenance activities that you can handle yourself is checking your car’s fluid levels – and you can learn how to easily do just that right here with this informative video.

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woman checking her tire pressure

What Do I Do When My Tire Pressure is Low?

How-To: Checking Your Tire Pressure and Inflating Your Tires

There aren’t many things scarier when you’re out on the open road than a flat tire. Unfortunately, some flat tires are simply unavoidable, such as flat tires caused by running over debris out on the road. But some flat tires are completely avoidable as long as you keep your tires fully inflated and don’t let your tire pressure drop. But how do you keep an eye on your tire pressure to ensure it doesn’t drop to dangerous levels? Well, we’ve got a video that shows you exactly how to check your tire pressure and inflate them to required levels.

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check engine light

What Can I Do to Protect My Pre-Owned Vehicle’s Engine?

4 Tips for Protecting Your Used Vehicle’s Engine

We could argue about what the most important part of your car is for days and days. You brakes, battery, suspension, steering wheel – all of it plays a role in keeping you on the road and none could work without everything else. But we think many would agree that your engine is one of – if not the – most important parts of your used car, truck or SUV from Auto Simple in Chattanooga, TN. That’s why you need to do everything in your power to keep your engine happy and healthy. Luckily for you, our experts here at Auto Simple have provided this list of four tips for protecting your used vehicle’s engine. Follow these simple suggestions and you’ll never have to worry about your engine.

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changing a flat tire

Become a Tire-Changing Wiz with Help from this Do It Yourself Video

How-To: Video Shows Easy Way to Change a Flat Tire

There are a lot of things people worry about while out on the road – not the least of which being a flat tire. Nothing feels worse than being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, knowing you can’t go anywhere until you get a new tire put on your car. But how do you change a flat tire? If you aren’t sure, there’s no need to worry thanks to this how-to video that shows you the easy way to change a flat tire.

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using a power washer on a car

Be the Envy of Everyone in Your Neighborhood Thanks to These Tips to Super Clean Your Car

Video Shows How To Super Clean Your Car

Cleaning the exterior of your car doesn’t seem like a difficult task – and it’s really not, if you just want to do a subpar job. But what about when you want to give your car the super clean look? Well, it’s still not that difficult of a task, as long as you follow the tips of this video.

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hand using a tool on an engine

What Automotive Tools Do I Need in My Toolbox?

Video Shows You the Tools You Need to Be an Automotive Expert

So you want to be an automotive expert, eh? You’ve got the garage, you got the knowledge (or, at least, the will to learn), and you’ve got the time. That means you have everything you need, right? Wait, what about your automotive tools? Do you have all the automotive tools needed to be an automotive expert? You’d better check out this video to make sure you do.

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