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Reasons Why Your Car Might Be Vibrating and Shaking

Why Is My Car Shaking?

If you notice your car is vibrating or shaking, you might be wondering what the root of the issue is. Maybe it’s a bumpy road that needs maintenance or maybe there is an underlying issue going on in your vehicle. There are many causes of shaking cars and we at Auto Simple have put together this guide to help you get to the bottom of why your car is shaking. Continue reading to see what might be causing your vehicle to shake and vibrate.

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Four Causes of Shaking Cars a technician holding a tab in front of an open-hooded car

Worn-Down Tires: After driving for a while on the same set of tires the tread can start to wear down. Old or worn-out tires are one of the number one causes of a shaking vehicle and often the easiest problem to fix when it comes to taking the shake out of your vehicle. Additionally, low pressure in your tires or uneven wear on the tires can lead to a shaky vehicle.

Bent Axle: The axle on your vehicle can get bent during minor mishaps, like a fender-bender, hitting something in the road, or driving over a pothole. If the vibration seems to intensify when you speed up, the cause is likely damage to the axle.

Engine Issues: The engine compartment in your vehicle might be shaking and causing your vehicle to vibrate on the road. If your engine isn’t getting the proper amount of air, spark, or fuel, the compartment can start the shake and often your vehicle will jerk as you accelerate or during certain speed ranges.

Worn-Out Brakes: If your vehicle seems to shake whenever you press on your brake pedal, the brake rotor might be the underlying issue. Set up an appointment with a brake specialist as soon as possible to check if your brake rotor is warped or if the brakes are starting to eat into the rotors.

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A vibrating car is often a sign of an underlying issue. Use this guide to find out why your car might be shaking to keep you and your car safe on the road. If it’s time for you to get behind the wheel of your next vehicle then head over to our online inventory to check out our lineup of pre-owned vehicles and stop by our online financing page to get the car-buying process started.