a car driving away in fog

Safety Tips for Driving in Foggy Weather

Foggy weather is a dangerous situation for all drivers, especially if you don’t know how to handle it. If you must drive through fog, there are precautions you can take to avoid a crash. Here are five safety tips for driving in dense fog that all drivers should use.

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Top 5 Safety Tips for Dense Fog

  1. Always use your headlights, but never your brights. A major mistake people make while driving through fog is using the high beams. Fog is like a mist. It’s made up of tiny water particles that will bounce light. Using the high beams will only make the situation worse as light bounces far too much. However, driving without your lights turned on is just as dangerous. Your low beams will alert drivers of your presence. With your lights on, your taillights will be on for anyone behind you.
  2. Slow down and keep your distance. You should treat fog with the same care you treat rain and snow. Although roads won’t be slippery, the loss in visibility means you will have reduced reaction time. Anything can be lurking in the fog, including people, cars, and wildlife. To avoid any surprises, slow down and watch for obstacles carefully.
  3. Pay attention to everything around you. A common trap that drivers often fall into is that they focus too much on the taillights of the car in front of them. While this can be helpful when you are following someone, you become tunnel-visioned to everything else. What if a deer is about to cross?
  4. Pull over and turn on your hazards. It’s best to remember that everyone is having difficulty seeing. If you decide to pull over, get as far away as you safely can. Make sure you turn on your hazards so others can spot you. Without your hazards on, the chances of a car not seeing you and hitting you is very high.
  5. If you can help it, don’t drive in fog at all. It’s best to stay home until fog passes. If you must drive, then give yourself extra driving time and use these safety tips. Your safety is more important than getting to your destination on time.

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