Person giving their car a wax with a yellow microfiber cloth

Why Is It Important to Wax Your Car?

Car experts recommend that you wax your car every three to six months. However, many drivers view car waxes as unnecessary work. While it’s true that a car wax isn’t essential for your vehicle to run smoothly, the occasional wax does have its benefits. Here, we will discuss why it is important to wax your car.

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Benefits of Car Waxes

Giving your car a wax a couple times a year will Close up of the driver headlight on a white car with a person giving the hood a wax with a red clothincrease the longevity of your paint. As the sun’s rays hit your vehicle, you may notice that eventually your vehicle’s color will start to fade. A coat of wax helps protect your paint from these UV rays to keep your car looking beautiful.

Another benefit of giving your car a wax is the finish it leaves. Wax will make your car look glossy and shiny, which is very attractive to look at. It even will help mask and prevent scratches on your vehicle. Car wax is also water-resistant. Rain is dirty and can leave water spots as they evaporate. A coat of wax will help the water bead off your car and leave less residue behind. This also helps your car be easier to clean the next time you give it a car wash.

Finally, depending on when you start to wax and how well you keep on schedule, the value of your car can be protected. Vehicles will always depreciate over time, but car waxes can help slow the process. A maintained exterior can give you a better trade-in value than another vehicle of the same age that has faded paint.

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