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What Popular Ride-Share App is Best?

Which Ride-Share App Should I Use?

With the help of popular ride-share apps, catching a ride has never been easier. But how do we know which ride share app we should use? This mainly depends on where you’re located, where you are going, and what time of day it is, but each of these popular apps has their perks and their downfalls. This guide from Auto Simple is going to break down the good and the bad of Uber and Lyft to help you choose which one is right for you.

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Top Ride-Share Apps


The ever-growing ride-share app, Lyft, is available throughout the U.S. and Ontario, Canada to help individuals get to and from where they’re looking to go. One of the things Lyft has to offer that riders seem to really enjoy is the ability to schedule stops along your route. If you’re on your way to your friend’s house and forgot to pick up chips and dip earlier in the day, just schedule a stop along the route at a local gas station or convenience store. Additionally, Lyft gives you the option of scheduling rides in advance, so you don’t have to wait until the last minute to book your ride. During times of high traffic, Lyft will increase their rider fees to around double the normal cost for what Lyft calls “Prime Time.”


Individuals in over 70 different countries looking to catch a ride can hail their next ride using Uber. Operating internationally allows Uber to sit at the top of the ride-share ladder and is often the go-to term when referring to ride-share apps. When users order a ride through the Uber app, they are able to see the estimated time of when their ride will arrive before completing their order. During high traffic times, Uber kicks into surge pricing which will up the fee you pay for your ride and this fee can get as high as seven to eight times what you would normally pay depending on where you are and when you are scheduling.

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Ride-share apps help get you to and from where you need to go without the stress of hailing down a taxi. With every great app comes downfalls, but we think the benefits of both of these apps outweigh any downfalls they have. Whether you choose to use Lyft or Uber, check out their sites ahead of time, as you may be eligible to receive discounted or free rides. Are you thinking of driving for one of these ride-share apps? Fill out our online pre-approval application and check out our online inventory to find a vehicle you can rely on to get you are your passengers where they’re looking to go.