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What Should I do with My Old Car?

Where Can I Sell My Used Car in Cleveland, TN?

When you’re getting ready to upgrade your vehicle, the excitement of trying something new is exciting. However, you might not know what to do with your old car. While you might have a new driver you can give it to while they learn the ropes of the road, not everyone does. The best thing you can do is sell your car! If you aren’t sure where you can sell your used car in Cleveland, TN, come visit us at Auto Simple! Otherwise, keep reading to learn more!  

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Auto Simple will buy your car from you at any of our locations

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Selling your car to us is a quick and easy process! The first thing you need to do is bring your car to one of our locations. We have two locations in Tennessee, Chattanooga and Cleveland, and one location in Dalton, GA. There is no need for you to make an appointment first. Let our staff know that you’re here for an appraisal and one of our appraisers will evaluate your car right at the store. When we make our offer it is valid for seven days and 300 miles. If you like our offer, you can sell us your car and you’ll get paid right then and there. However, there is no pressure to sell us your car, just be sure to remember about our seven day offer timeline.

When you bring your vehicle in for an appraisal, don’t forget to bring:

  • The vehicle’s title (or payoff information)
  • A valid and current vehicle registration
  • A government issued photo ID
  • All keys and remotes for the vehicle

To help you remember all these items, we have a checklist that you can download and print off before you arrive at one of our dealerships!

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To learn more about the car-selling process at Auto Simple in Chattanooga, Cleveland, TN, or Dalton, GA, or about our used vehicle inventory, feel free to reach out to our highly knowledgeable staff!