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How Late Car Payments Affect Your Credit

What Happens If I Miss a Car Loan Payment?

Falling behind on finances and payments can be easy and playing catch up can seem like it goes on forever. But what will happen if you miss a car loan payment and how will it affect your credit? This is everything you need to know about what will happen if your car loan payment slips your mind.

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Effects of a Missed Car Payment Stressed couple in front of computer looking at papers

Whether you intentionally skipped a payment on your car loans during a particularly tight month or you simply forgot to make your payment, missing a car loan payment can land you with a few consequences. Some of the potential effects of a missed car payment include:

  • Late fees
  • Negative impact on your credit score and payment history
  • You’ll continue to be a month behind on payments until you make up the missed payment
  • Increase in interest rate
  • Lasting mark on your credit report for up to seven years

Missing a car loan payment can cause more negative effects than simply having to pay more the following month. If you find yourself having to skip a month’s payment or having forgotten to pay, many lenders will forgive one late payment if you have a good financial history with them of on-time payments.

Can I Still Get a Car Loan with a Bad Credit History?

Some financial institutions will make getting a car loan difficult if you come in with a bad credit history. At Auto Simple we make loan approval easy no matter what financial history you come in with. You can apply for credit pre-approval right on our website to get started on your way towards a personalized financial package to help with the purchase of your next vehicle from Auto Simple.

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