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What Exactly Comes in a Carfax Report?

Buying used cars can be daunting with everything that can be wrong with used cars. Some shady dealerships might try to shift a bad car onto you just to get it off their lot while others might just not tell you about some problems the car has. There is a lot of preemptive research you need to do just on the brand of the car itself, then you need to hope the specific car you’re getting isn’t in too rough of shape.

It can be hard to know what problems might be lurking under the hood of your used car and getting a car is a huge investment so having to make some major repairs after buying it isn’t easy. Getting a history report on a car can be a good step towards knowing what you’re getting in to, but what exactly comes in those reports?

What Comes in a Carfax Report?

Everyone knows about Carfax, it’s one of the biggest car history report companies out there and a trusted brand. So, when you ask for the Carfax what is it exactly that you are asking for? The obvious first thing is that Carfax says it can get you the accident information of any car letting you know just how beat up the car is and how many times it was put back together. A Carfax report can also help you make sure the title is clean and everything is legitimate with the car as far as the odometer goes and making sure it isn’t stolen. It also can help let you know the cost of repairs and maintenance on the car so you know how much more money you might be putting in.

It’s not a perfect system though, while Carfax is usually accurate there can be mistakes sometimes. There can be missing or incorrect information on Carfax’s records that might affect a car’s worth. It’s important to always keep that in mind and don’t rely on just one source for information. While Carfax is a great place to start, more research is always better.

What’s Better: New or Used?

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