What Car Should I Buy: New or Used?

You’ve had your car for the better part of a decade, it’s served you well. You probably have a lot of good memories with that car, but like all good things, it eventually must end. Maybe it’s having a few mechanical problems or it might just be time to update things a little bit.

Whatever the reason is you’ll find yourself heading down to a dealership with an important question: do you buy a new or used car? Obviously, there’s ups and downs to both options, but what exactly are they. It would be nice if there was a handy little guide as to what those differences are, luckily that’s exactly what we intend to provide here.

Buying New versus Used Cars

So, is one of the options clearly better than the other? Well, let’s start by looking at what comes with getting a new car. One of the most obvious benefits of looking towards buying a new car is the features. You’ll get a lot more up to date features, something more compatible with your smartphone and with many modern safety features like blind spot warnings or lane keeping assist. You’ll also have a lot more options as dealerships will carry several different variations of new models to make sure they have everything on hand. The downside is you’ll immediately lose a lot of value the moment you leave the lot and it will be a lot more expensive than buying a used car.

Carfax logo on a used car windshield

Sun glare off a red Porsche

Used cars have a lot of different benefits to them as well beyond just coming at a lower price. That price is important though if you can wait a few years for a new model to come back used you might be able to get a newer car that isn’t going to break the budget. With a few years of driver experience behind the cars, you will also have a better idea of how the car drives with reviews coming out. You will have less flexibility when it comes to choices though. Instead of being able to pick features and colors like with new cars, used cars come locked in with their options and can’t be changed.

How To Maximize Your Trade-In

Used Car Inventory at Auto Simple

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