a technician inspecting the battery of a car

5 Best Potential Reasons Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

Learn About 5 Common Reasons Why Your Battery Keeps Dying  

Your vehicle’s battery is the central part that keeps your vehicle running. But like other devices, it has its lifespan. But nothing more disappointing than realizing your car’s battery is dead. Below are a few possible reasons your car battery keeps dying often. Read the blog post by Auto Simple, Chattanooga, TN, to learn more about the potential reasons why your car battery keeps dying.  

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Parasitic Drain  

The Major common problem is a parasitic drain that can cause your battery to die. This glitch uses tiny power to keep clocks running and alarms if your car’s engine is turned off. That is why while heading away on vacation, ensure to disconnect your car battery beforehand.  

Defective Alternator  

Your car can power up its lights, radio, AC & other systems from the alternator, which can drain the battery if there is a charging problem. The alternator may have loose belts that keep it from working correctly. A faulty alternator with a lousy diode causes your car’s battery to drain.

a technician checking the battery of a car under its hood
a technician's hands checking a battery

Lights Turned on or Off  

While locking your car, ensure to turn off all accessories & lights. Don’t forget to turn your exterior or interior lights off. However, most of the new vehicles come with an alert function.  

Poor Maintained Battery  

Repeated performance issues in your car’s battery might originate from a poorly maintained or weak battery. Old batteries that contain corrosion need to be cleaned up at regular intervals.  

Extreme Harsh Weather  

Extreme cold or hot weather can damage the charge capacity of your battery. Therefore, extremely hot above 100 degrees or cold below 10 degrees can weaken the overall performance of your battery. The average lifespan of a battery is three to five years & after that, they die eventually. Also, a few other factors are accountable for draining your battery. It’s better to keep it well maintained. You might need to consult an experienced car mechanic if the problem persists. 

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