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Why is a Transmission Flush Important for Your Vehicle?

The transmission is an integral part of your vehicle because it lets you change gears and control the speed and handling of your vehicle. And like every mechanical bit in your car, it requires regular maintenance and “flushing” to perform at its best. If you notice that you’re having trouble shifting gears or if your car seems sluggish or jerks when you push down the accelerator, it could be because of a transmission issue that may require a transmission fluid service. Keep reading this blog from Auto Simple in Chattanooga, TN, to learn more about transmission fluid service and ascertain whether your vehicle needs it or not.  

Does my vehicle require a transmission flush service?  

It’s no secret that servicing your vehicle from time to time and taking care of minor repairs and maintenance is the key to ensuring long life and the best vehicle performance. It also avoids expensive repairs down the road. A transmission flush is one such service that helps you keep your vehicle performing well and avoid expensive transmission repairs later.  

What does a transmission fluid flush service do?  

view of a car's transmission

The transmission is one of your car’s mechanical system’s most complex and hardest-working parts. Without proper maintenance, it can have issues over time. Transmission systems consist of gears and other moving parts that require constant lubrication. Since the transmission is constantly working, the fluid or lubricant needed to protect it from oxidation and wear and tear from shifting and driving tends to get old, dirty, or grimy. 

A transmission flush service involves draining old and dirty fluids and replacing them with new, clean fluids. A proper flush also involves a complete transmission service which involves the following services:  

  • Transmission fluid drain and removal  
  • Installing new pan gasket  
  • Installing new transmission filter   

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When do you need a transmission flush service?  

Most manufacturers recommend changing transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles if you drive a vehicle with manual transmission. Automatic transmissions require a fluid flush much later, around 60,000 miles. However, there’s no harm in changing your fluid early, especially when you notice sluggish gear shifts or jerking when shifting gears or accelerating. 

We hope this blog helps you understand the importance of transmission flush. If you’re looking for a quality pre-owned vehicle in Chattanooga, TN, drop by Auto Simple or schedule a test drive of a vehicle of your choice from our inventory. You can also sell your vehicle to us for the best price in town! Feel free to call us for more.