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How to Get Your Holiday Dishes From the Kitchen to the Party

Five Tips for Transporting Your Holiday Food Dishes

Do you have a big potluck coming up this week at work? Family holiday party? Getting your holiday dishes from the kitchen to the party by yourself can be a feat. Depending on what dish you’re planning on making can affect your entire trip – you may need a cooler, a way to keep your dish warm, something to hold the dishes in place, etc. This guide from Auto Simple is here to give you five tips for transporting your holiday food dishes this holiday season.

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How to Safely Get Your Food to the Holiday Party

There’s nothing worse than running late to a holiday party and having your dish spill and crumble across the back seat of your Chevy Malibu. Follow these five tips and you’ll be able to drive with ease to your upcoming events this holiday season.

  • Pie: If you’ve signed up to bring an apple pie to your office potluck, flip over an empty pie tin and place it on top of your pie in its tin. Wrap both tins together tightly with foil to hold the two together and keep your pie warm and protected along the way.
  • Cold dishes: If you can’t find a cooler to keep your food in, stick your dish in an insulated bag or cardboard box. Surround the dish with a few ice packs or snack-sized bags of ice to keep everything cold. If you’re using a cardboard box with ice be sure to line the bottom with a plastic bag or paper towel to keep to box from getting soggy.
  • Hot dishes: Grab a cardboard box a little bigger than your dish. With your dish in the box, surround the dish with a few towels to keep everything warm during your ride.
  • Consider the time: If you have a long drive ahead of you, it may be a good idea to cook and freeze your dishes before leaving the house and warming them once you arrive.
  • Go for room temperature: If you know keeping your dishes the right temperature will be a hassle, go for a food that can stay at room temperature, like cookies, cakes, muffins, and other goodies.

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Transporting food to holiday parties can be a pain, but follow these five tips for transporting your holiday food dishes and your next drive will be a breeze. Make this holiday season even more exciting by stopping by Auto Simple and test driving a pre-owned vehicle today!