When Should I Have Regular Maintenance Done On My Car?

It can feel like cars are more trouble than they’re worth sometimes. They cost a lot of money and don’t really get any cheaper as time goes on. In fact, most cars tend to get more expensive as repairs start to stack up. You can do a little bit to combat all those repairs though. 

Every car shop and mechanic friend will tell you to bring your car in for regular maintenance, but you likely don’t. Should you start though? Isn’t an oil change enough to go on and keep your car running? An oil change certainly helps, but maybe you should think about looking into some routine work. 

Engine work being done on a carWhy Should I Get Routine Maintenance? 

It’s a question with a pretty obvious answer, why should I get routine maintenance? That obvious answer is that it can help extend the life of your car. A tune-up can help catch problems before they really become problems. Having a professional take some time to give your car a once over can also provide some really good insight into the overall health of your car. Belts, spark plugs, fluid levels, all of these little parts are vital to the health of your car and fixing them before they break can save future headaches. 

If you plan on getting a tune-up the next question might be, “Well how often should I get it done?” That has a bit more complicated answer. In general, it’s always good practice to check your owner’s manual when trying to find out how often repairs need to be done or oil changed, things like that. It’s a solid place to start to find out what the recommendation is for any part of your car, but if you can’t find it or want a general rule then about every 60,000 miles is a good time to start thinking about heading into the shop. 

How Good is No Money Down Really?

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