hoods of used SUVs

Perks of Choosing SUVs over Sedans

What are the Advantages of Buying an SUV? 

Buying an SUV comes with several perks. Gone are the days when sedans would be the most obvious choice for car buyers owing to their sleek design and incredible fuel economy. Automakers are now gradually shifting the needle to SUVs. In fact, it might not be much of a surprise if the market for sedans becomes completely obsolete in a few years. In this blog by Auto Simple, we shall examine the advantages of buying an SUV so that you can be a better buyer and make an informed decision about your purchase. Head to our dealership in any one of our locations and choose the SUV of your liking.  

SUVs are Affordable  

sunroof of a used SUV
front quarter view of a used Toyota

One of the most important reasons for the market to gear towards SUVs is that they come at a budget-friendly price. These spacious and practical cars are your perfect travel buddies for the daily commute and recreational trips alike.   

SUVs are Practical and Offer a Colossal Space  

SUVs come with cavernous cabin and cargo space. Therefore, for people who are looking for practicality in their cars, SUVs are definitely the best option. You can pack to your heart’s content without worrying about the amount of space that would be accessible to you.   

SUVs Come with a Great Ride Height  

SUVs offer a practical ride height; something that a sedan cannot provide. The height of the car makes it easy to keep an eye out on the road ahead of you. Plus, you can spot parking areas early on and secure a place for your car in the lot.   

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