two technicians working under the hood of a car

The Science and Benefits Behind Volkswagen TDI

Volkswagen Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) Engine Technology

From active soccer moms to speed-savvy adrenaline chasers, drivers are constantly chasing higher fuel efficiency and power ratings. Developed by Volkswagen, Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) is a major breakthrough in engine technology that helps crank out more power while expending less fuel and producing less emissions. Read on to learn how TDI works and what benefits it offers drivers.

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How Do TDI Engines Work?

two technicians working under the hood of a car

As the title “Turbocharged Direct Injection” suggests, the magic behind the TDI engine is in the combination of turbocharging and cylinder-direct fuel injection.

Fuel needs oxygen to burn, so a turbocharger increases an engine’s efficiency and power output by squeezing more air into the cylinders. After the air has been drawn through the turbocharger, it is cooled by passing it through an air to air intercooler, as cooling the air causes it to take up less space.

The air then enters the combustion chamber. Here diesel is injected directly into the cylinders through a nozzle at an extremely high pressure, which breaks it down to a very fine mist. It’s this combination of highly atomized fuel and cooled, compressed air that’s to thank for more efficient combustion.

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Benefits of TDI Engines

So, what does this mean for drivers? The science behind TDI helps to keep engines both compact and powerful. TDI engines deliver remarkably high levels of torque over a wide rev range, which means incredible hauling capabilities.

More efficient combustion also means reduced fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions without sacrificing driving dynamics. All Volkswagen Euro 6 TDI and BiTDI engines also come equipped with Start/Stop technology, low rolling resistance tires and regenerative braking as standard for increased fuel efficiency and savings.

To top it all off, Volkswagen turbodiesel engines feature enhanced sound insulation, which means you’ll be more at peace with a quiet and refined driving experience.

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