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What are the most popular used cars?

Top used cars to buy in 2018

One of the most difficult parts of automotive research is that nothing stays the same. We don’t just mean that buying last year’s model means that you won’t have the latest and greatest stereo system. A specific model that is highly rated today could prove to be rated poorly if you look at an older model year. It helps to know what the top used cars are in 2018 so you can get an idea of what past vehicles are still holding up to their reputation even after they’ve already been on the road and tested for a few years. They say only time will tell, and it seems these vehicles are living up to the test of time.

Best used cars in 2018

2012 and newer Toyota CorollaMan in suite holding blue folder with car in background

Some say the Toyota Corolla is a touch on the dull side, but that’s because there’s a part of us that’s always looking for the next best thing. You’re not free to upgrade from a practical standpoint when old faithful just won’t stop running. If you’re the type that is looking for a car to drive for the next decade, though, the Corolla could be the right choice for you.

2013 and newer Nissan Altima

Nissan didn’t always have the best name in the industry, but it has slowly been creeping up on the automotive world and getting better and better. This can be seen in the Nissan Altima. Fortunately, not everyone is aware of brand improvements, so Nissan is an easy brand to find. Most shoppers know about Honda and Toyota as fantastic brands, which means they can be difficult to come across or priced like they are worth.

2012 and newer Honda CR-V

When it comes to crossovers, Honda has proven that the CR-V is a fantastic find. If you can find it. This is a model many are checking back for since it’s both reliable and attractive.

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