water filled pothole

Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Potholes and the Damage They Do

The Best Ways to Avoid Potholes to Protect Your Used Vehicle

Summer is in full swing here in Chattanooga, TN, and that unfortunately also means it’s pothole season. Yes, even in warmer climates like ours, the change from winter to spring to summer leads to potholes, which in turn can lead to serious damage to your used car, truck or SUV. Sometimes, especially on an unusually rough road, it can seem like there’s nothing you can do to avoid these menaces. And sometimes there’s not. But other times there are things you can do, which we’ve outlined here in our guide on the best ways to avoid potholes to protect your used vehicle.


What Are the Best Ways to Avoid Potholes and Other Road Damage?Potholes and Road Damage

Like we mentioned before, a lot of times potholes and other road damage is or seems to be unavoidable. But if you follow these tips, you’ll at least be prepared to do everything you can to avoid these hazards. First of all, and this should be true at all times, you need to stay alert and keep your eyes firmly focused on the road ahead of you so you have time to slow down when you see a pothole or other road hazard. Because the slower you’re going, the less damage is going to occur. Other pothole avoidance tips include keeping an eye out for standing water that could be hiding a pothole and reporting any and all potholes and other road damage to your local transportation authority. They may not always be the most responsive, but any repaired pothole is a victory.

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