two dogs looking out a car window

Is it safe for my dog to be in the car with the windows rolled down?

If you have a pet dog, you probably consider him to be a part of the family and you wouldn’t want anything to happen to them. Your dog loves you and trusts you to take care of it. It is your job to take care of your pet and make sure that it is taken care of. A fatal mistake that some pet owners make is leaving their dog in the car when it is too hot outside. This horrible mistake could cost your pup their life. Keep reading below to learn if it is okay to leave your dog in the vehicle!

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Things to Consider When Leaving Your Pup in the Car

a dog wearing shades looking out a car windowLeaving your pet in the vehicle by itself for more than a couple minutes is something that you should never do. This event can be stressful for the dog while also being dangerous to their wellbeing. In the warmer months of the year, there are always reports of pet owners leaving their dogs in the vehicle alone and the dog paying the price for it. Keep this in mind the next time that you plan on bringing your pup along for the ride.

You may be wondering if leaving the windows open will help your pup to handle the temperatures. Although the windows being opened a bit may help drop the temperature by a couple degrees, it will still likely be too warm for your furry friend. It can also leave your pup and the other items in your vehicle accessible to others walking by your vehicle.

If you need to bring your dog along with you for whatever reason but need to make a quick stop for whatever reason, it would be best to leave your vehicle running with the air conditioning on. This will regulate the temperature and keep your dog safe. Even doing this, your pup should not be left alone for more than a few minutes.

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