Windshield wipers

How To Position Windshield Wipers in Select Toyota Models?

Step-By-Step Instructions to Position Windshield Wiper  

When it comes to maintaining the optimal performance of your Toyota vehicle, one area that often gets overlooked is the windshield wiper service position. Properly positioning your windshield wipers not only ensures clear visibility during inclement weather but also plays a role in improving vehicle aerodynamics. In this blog by our Auto Simple dealership in Dalton, GA, we’ll learn how to position windshield wipers in your Toyota vehicle.   

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Advantages of Windshield Wiper Service Position  

The windshield wiper service position refers to the correct resting position of the wipers when they are not in use. Many modern Toyota vehicles have an innovative design allowing wipers to tuck away below the hood line. This position provides a sleeker appearance and helps minimize wind resistance, improving the vehicle’s aerodynamics. It also minimizes the vehicle’s resistance while moving, improving fuel efficiency and reducing wind noise.  

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Schedule Vehicle Service at Auto Simple Dealership  

Correctly positioning your windshield wipers in the service position is a simple yet often neglected aspect of vehicle maintenance. You can enhance overall driving performance by following the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensuring the wipers are tucked away neatly when not used. If you have more questions, contact our Auto Simple dealership team in Dalton, GA. 

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