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Steps to Making Your Car “Greener”

How to Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly

With a lot of car companies making strides toward creating greener cars – hybrids, electric, etc. – you may start to wonder how you can improve your vehicle’s impact on the earth. No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, there are steps you can take to make your car more environmentally friendly. But where do you start? Auto Simple is here to give you the steps you need to learn how to make your car more eco-friendly.

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5 Steps to a Greener Car Closeup of Hands Fixing Vehicle

  • Keep up with routine maintenance – Making sure your vehicle is tuned properly will help improve its efficiency, lower its emissions, and use less gas. Not only will this make your car more eco-friendly, but it will also save you some gas money.
  • Check your fuel system – An important step towards a greener car is maintaining your fuel system by replacing the fuel filter every 24,000 miles or every two years. Not only should the filter be replaced but the fuel injectors should also be flushed around each 30,000 mile mark.
  • Avoid topping off at the pump – When you fill up your vehicle with gas it is important to stop pumping when the nozzle shuts itself off. You may be tempted to top off the gas tank to get your cost to an even number, but this can release harmful vapors into the air and is also wasting money. Your vehicle’s tank needs room to let the gas expand, so filling up your tank more makes it harder on your vehicle.
  • Check those gas caps – While you’re at the pump take a minute to look at your gas pump. Any cracks or damage to the cap can allow gas vapors to escape from your tank, increasing your vehicle’s emissions and wasting your fuel and money.
  • Leave the heavy cargo at home – Hauling around heaving items in your vehicle – whether in the trunk, back seat or on the roof – can weigh the car down and increases gas usage. If you don’t need to keep the items in your car, take them out to save you some gas money.

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Taking strides toward making your vehicle more environmentally friendly can help you feel better about your time on the road. This guide from Auto Simple is here to provide you with the steps you need to learn how to make your car more eco-friendly. Visit our online inventory to get behind the wheel of a used Chevrolet Spark today!