a technician holding a tire walking towards a car

Step-By-Step Tips on How to Check to See if You Need to Replace Your Tires from Auto Simple in Chattanooga TN

How Do I Know When I Need to Replace My Tires?

Picking the most important feature or part of an automobile is pretty much impossible, as all of the parts work in conjunction with one another to get you where you need to go. And that means you’ve got to make sure you keep the entirety of your car, truck or SUV in tip-top shape to ensure you’re always safe while out on the road. But how do you do that? Or, more specifically in this case, how do you know when you need to replace your tires? Well, that’s what we’re here to tell you as we’re going to cover everything you need to know about keeping a close eye on your tires so you know when you need to get them replaced before it’s too late.


How To Check the Tread on Your Tires

We know automotive service and maintenance gives a lot of people anxiety, but fear not – checking the tread on your tires is actually really easy. All you need is a penny and your eyes. More specifically, all you need to do is put the penny in your tire’s tread grooves to see how much of Lincoln’s head you can see. If you can’t see much of his head, then you – and your tires – are in good shape. If you can see the majority of his head or more, it’s time for new tires. Just remember to make sure to do this in multiple points on each tire.

What Affects My Tires Health and Performance?

There are two main elements that affect your tires and their performance – heat and age. Everyone here in Chattanooga, TN, knows how hot it can get, and that heat can play a big role in the degradation of your tires. That, combined with age, can cause your tires to wear down more quickly. With that in mind, no matter how well the penny test goes, you should look into getting a new set of tires before yours hit 10 years old.

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