A white car on the road in a foggy climate

How can I prevent my car from fogging up?

Methods to prevent your car from fogging up

Fogging up of the windscreens of your car can not only be frustrating but also can be a potentially dangerous predicament. This issue can hinder the visibility of the driver and can often lead to unfortunate incidents. The car usually fogs up due to excess moisture content in the car’s air. This can be due to a leak that allows rain to drip into the interior of your car, respiration from driver and passengers, wet car upholstery from leaving a car window open, or open beverages left in the car. Keep reading to learn more about the methods to prevent your car from fogging up, presented to you by Auto Simple in Chattanooga, TN.

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Use the following methods to prevent fogged up car window

  1. Apply an anti-fogging coating to your car windows – There are quite a few anti-fogging sprays and coating types available in the marketplace to choose from. Make sure that you are taking the help of an expert to install it in your car.
  2. Remove any wet items from your car – Make sure that wet umbrellas, wet beverages are not left behind in your car.
  3. Use silica dehumidifier – To remove excess moisture from the air, simply place the car silica dehumidifier packet inside your car.
  4. Check for leaks – Perform periodic maintenance of your car with the help of a mechanic and ensure that there are no leaks in your car.
  5. Keep the windows and windscreen clean – Make sure that you clean your windows and windscreens regularly as dirt can attract moisture.
Car window on a cloudy and rainy day

For a quick remedy from fogged windows, use the heater to get rid of fogging by increasing the temperature of the windows. Also, while using the air-conditioner make sure to turn off the recirculation setting. In addition to all the steps mentioned above, you should also make sure that as much snow from your shoes should be shaken off before stepping in the car during the winter season. Make sure to read the official blog page of Auto Simple in Chattanooga, TN, to get any more such car maintenance tips and tricks.

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