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side view of a car collision

Explore the Leading Causes of Car Accidents

Key Causes of Car Accidents

The word ‘accident’ sends a shiver down the spine. Car accidents are terrifying. They can completely alter your life in the blink of a second. They can cause permanent physical, emotional, and financial damage. In severe instances, they can even lead to the loss of lives. As a driver, you are responsible for your’ s and the passenger’s safety. Understanding the fundamental causes of car accidents will help you prevent them. In this blog by the Auto Simple dealership in Chattanooga, TN, we dig deeper into the key causes of car accidents.

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side view of a man driving a car

How to Test Drive a Car

What Are Various Tips to Follow While Test Driving a Car?

Are you planning to buy a new car? Purchasing a vehicle is a huge decision, and the stakes are high. You must make the correct pick to be happy with your choice later. Test driving will help you understand what you want in your dream vehicle, and you can proceed accordingly. It will help you screen out the options and make the buying process seamless. Continue reading this blog by the Auto Simple dealership in Chattanooga, TN, to learn how to test drive a car properly.

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a technician wiping the hood of a car

Watch this DIY Video Tutorial to Learn How to Repair and Remove Dents from Your Car

How to Repair and Remove Dents From Your Car?

Watch this DIY video tutorial posted by ChrisFix to learn how to repair and remove dents from your car. He suggests that using a high-quality body filler is the next best thing to remove dents in this video. The video demonstrates how to sand the dents down to the bare metal, add body filler, add glazing putty, and spray paint the car at home. It is then followed by putting wet sand, compound, and polish, to make it come out amazing!

If you’re shopping on a budget or want to finance a used car in Chattanooga, TN, our staff at Auto Simple can assist. To explore your financing choices and make your purchase with us, keep reading this blog post and visit our dealership in one of the locations.

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a young girl sitting in a car holding its keys in her hand

From Research to Purchase: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Car for a College Graduate  

Step-by-Step Guide: Making Car Buying Easier for College Graduates  

As a college graduate, buying your first car can be an exciting and daunting experience. With so many options available, figuring out where to begin can take time. In this blog by Auto Simple in Cleveland, TN, we’ll share a few tips for the car buying process a little easier  

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a technician and a man standing at a service center

What does the 30-60-90 Vehicle Service Plan Mean?

30-60-90 Maintenance Plan for your Vehicle   

For your Vehicle to operate efficiently, regular maintenance is required. Sticking to a maintenance schedule for your car is crucial if you want it to run well and last a long time. It will keep your car in good working order and help stop significant issues before they start, preventing breakdowns. In addition, it is a preventative maintenance service that supports a thorough record of your car’s maintenance history and aids you in staying on top of repairs. Read the blog post by Auto Simple, Chattanooga, TN, to learn more about the 30-60-90 maintenance plan for your Vehicle.   

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technician pouring fresh oil in a car

How to Take Care of Your Car

Key Car Maintenance Tips

You are elated when you finally bring your dream car home. You promise to always take care of it with utmost sincerity. However, as months pass by, you start taking it for granted. You start neglecting its maintenance routine. Your priorities shift, and it reflects on the well-being of your car. A car that was once shiny and new is no longer functioning effectively. Merely thinking of its expensive repairs and replacements is making you anxious. If you want to avoid these issues, why don’t you start taking proper care of your car? By following a few essential tips, you can keep your car in tip-top condition for an extended period. Keep reading this blog by the Auto Simple dealership in Chattanooga, TN, to learn how to take care of your car.

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a man handing over black car keys to a couple

Video: Top 10 Cars Under $10,000 to buy in 2022

Watch the video illustrating the top 10 affordable and reliable cars under $10,000 

When it comes to buying a used car, there are several that must be considered. Along with a low cost of ownership and excellent build quality, good safety scores are also equally important. Although there are several such cars available on the market, finding the car that meets your requirements and budget from a credible dealership is what matters the most. Continue scrolling down to watch a video illustrating the top 10 affordable and reliable cars under $10,000 that you should buy in 2022, presented to you today by Auto Simple, a Buy Here Pay Here dealership in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

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three SUVs off-roading

Tips for an Off-road Journey

How to Plan for an Off-road Journey?

What will you do if you have a lot of free time? For people who love adventure, the first choice would be to go on an off-road journey. Dangerously impressive at times, these journeys need a lot of speculation and calculations before leaving. What are some of the plans that we could have that might help us during our stay out of town during journeys like these? Get ideas about the plans that you need to shape up and act on from Auto Simple in Chattanooga, TN, as we carefully list out the best ways to ensure your trip will not be in vain. Read on to find out more.

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a car's tires being fixed

How to Take Care of Your Car Tires

Tips to Take Care of Tires Properly

If you want to maintain the well-being of your car tires for a long time, you need to take proper care of them. Tires are in constant touch with the ground. They are more susceptible to wear and damage. Without a regular car, they will lose their efficiency. The quality of your tires determines the ride quality. Also, you do not want to keep purchasing new tires. They can be expensive. Maintaining their quality will delay the need to replace the tires. Keep reading this blog by the Auto Simple dealership in Cleveland, TN, to learn tips for adequately handling tires.

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